Skidata Parking System TK Unlimited / TK450



With a volume of over 30 million parking tickets printed every year and thanks to the high quality of its products,  Arti Grafiche Julia is a certified partner Skidata.

Parking tickets Skidata TK Unlimited / TK450 are disposable paper tickets, ideal for parking areas and rotation parkings, compatible with all Skidata parking systems. 


Arti Grafiche Julia is able to offer its customers a "Tailor-made" service for designing and producing customized parking tickets with the possibility of taking advantage of the printable space available for advertising promotions and marketing campaigns, alternating sequences with 3 different subjects (1 subject per ticket) of 3 streams of printing for a total of 9 different messages for the batch of tickets to be produced.


No loss of time!

We can send a quotation within 12 hours from the request and finalize your project in 24/48 hours, delivering the printed product by 7/10 after PDF approval for all standard productions.


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The laser engraving is an extremely flexible permanent marking system. It replaces more and more the other less efficient and more expensive marking systems like the pad, the hot stamping and the serigraphy.

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The basic components of an RFID system are the transponder  (also called “tag”) which is made by a tiny memory chip combined to a mini inlay and to read/write devices with their antennas.

The system can manage and verify la validity of the ticket and the identification data.

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