Arti Grafiche Julia offers a variety of products for all kind of requirements: from tickets with the most advanced security features to the RFID chip-on-paper, from the printouts with mag stripe to smart cards.

Among the others:
1) Sport & Leisure Tickets
From Stadia to Music Concerts, from Theme Parks to Cultural Events : this kind of ticket requires a number of high security features and an excellent graphic quality.
2) Public Transportation & Ferries Tickets
For Public Transport and Ferries we offer a wide range of products, including tickets with magnetic stripe and smart tickets, fanfold, rolls, singles and A4 size.
3) Theatres and Cinemas Tickets
The ticket for Cinema or Theatres can be printed on both sides with one or more polycrhrome pictures of a sponsor.
4) Magnetic Stripe Tickets
We provide ticket solutions of different sizes with LoCo and/or HiCo magnetic stripe for Public Transports and Parking.
5) Ski tickets, RFID/PVC/Infrared Barcodes
High quality graphic solutions, perfect for sponsors. Thanks to the selected materials we use and combined to a high resistance to weathering, the tickets have an innovative use, effective and with a great impact of the RFID technology on the Ski trade.
6) Smart Wristbands
We offer a choice of wristbands with integrated RFID technology which can be personalized with your company logo.
7) PVC Cards
Our offer varies from the simple PVC cards to the cards with contact options and with RFID or mag stripe. Aside the OFFSET print, we have a choice of transparent cards; with gold or silver screen printing, signature strip etc. Furthermore, we can supply a fast and efficient personalization and encoding service.
8) Smart labels
We provide different types of RFID labels. We can design and actualize the RFID product you need with your technological and business requirements; we can also integrate labels with additional securities (holograms, laser engravings, etc.)   
9) Security Printing
Arti Grafiche Julia is member of Associazione Stampa Carte Valori. This status allow us to produce high quality bank check, deposit certificates and all products requiring an excellent know-how in the security printing.
10) Scratch-off tickets and Lotteries
The scratch-off tickets are becoming more and more popular. The scratch-off application can be carried-out in different figures in gold or silver and are mostly used for the organization of sales drives or advertising campaigns. 


The laser engraving is an extremely flexible permanent marking system. It replaces more and more the other less efficient and more expensive marking systems like the pad, the hot stamping and the serigraphy.

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The basic components of an RFID system are the transponder  (also called “tag”) which is made by a tiny memory chip combined to a mini inlay and to read/write devices with their antennas.

The system can manage and verify la validity of the ticket and the identification data.

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