Arti Grafiche Julia is member of the selected “Gruppo Stampatori Italiani di Carte Valori”; this outstanding status qualifies us as a Printing Company of high security level products.
We are a strategic partner for leading traders of values, vouchers and lotteries.
The followings are the sophisticated methods to avoid counterfeiting:
- Through the application of HOLOGRAPHIC FOIL of various colors, with images or any kind of writings your product will be difficult to counterfeit and obtains a more fashion appearance at the same time. Arti Grafiche Julia can offer a Personalized Hologram which is unique and performs an advanced defense against frauds.
- The EMBOSSING technique makes a surface in relief (customizable) on the ticket which becomes difficult to counterfeit.
- The application of a BARCODE, fixed or variable, make it possible to follow each product through the complete supply chain. This check allows the monitoring and the steady verification of products as well as the overall administrative management.
- Each ticket can be made unique through the application of one or more NUMBERING. This method allows to monitor the distribution and verify the after-sale.
- COLORED CENTRE and COLOURLESS FLUORESCENT FIBRES are an innovative and alternative method to ensure the security of your tickets. Colored and colorless fibers are embedded in SPECIAL PAPERS to create unique triplex. You have just to tear off the ticket and you’ll see the chosen colors (blue, red, yellow, green) to verify the authenticity of the product. Of course, the absence of colors inside the paper means the evident counterfeiting of the ticket.
- The INVISIBLE SPECIAL INK technique is also available. A slight coin scratch on the printed ticket surface and the ink will change into dark grey detecting the hidden image/writing you have chosen. This kind of offset print is irreversible.
Further to above mentioned securities, we can also provide:
- MICROTEXT: what you will think to see is a black line, but under a magnifier, you see the written you chose (your web address, for example).
- WOOD: a special and invisible ink will be applied which, under a UV light, makes the paper shine out.
- TAGGANT PAPER: a further security feature we have available as exclusive product is the taggant thermal paper. This kind of paper is made by special chemical elements; sends a unique signal to the handy device which verifies the ticket certainty.
- VARIABLE NUMBERING ON A HOLOGRAFIC FOIL: through the use of the lase technology, we can delaminate the foil and put on a variable numbering; the integration of the standard holographic foil with this new technology allows reaching the same security standard of the customized hologram.
- LAMINATED PAPER: the lamination of the thermal paper yield your product as one of the most advanced security solutions available on the market and the glossy surface makes it extremely attractive.
- ROUND CORNER: the corner die-cut provides a first and easy verification of the product’s authenticity.
- IRIS PRINT: this coloration technique is used with the offset print and lies in a slight mix of colors becoming a gradual color variation of the printed lines and preserve your ticket from the copying.
Many solutions are available and we will provide our full experience to find the best solution for your projects.


The laser engraving is an extremely flexible permanent marking system. It replaces more and more the other less efficient and more expensive marking systems like the pad, the hot stamping and the serigraphy.

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The basic components of an RFID system are the transponder  (also called “tag”) which is made by a tiny memory chip combined to a mini inlay and to read/write devices with their antennas.

The system can manage and verify la validity of the ticket and the identification data.

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