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Arti Grafiche Julia has been built in 1967 and, since then, has always focused its business activity on security printing and ticketing. We are leader in the Italian market and we export our products in more than 30 countries, in Europe and outside Europe.
Among our clients we have the most important ticketing companies and a large numbers of the major sport and leisure events.
The whole production is made within our plant, from the handling and designing of graphic files to the logistic management, this approach and philosophy allow us to offer a product with a top graphic quality and an ultimate technology and an extremely competitive lead time.
We are delighted to offer to our clients a “one-stop-shop” concept: from the standard ticket to the Intelligent ticket, from magnetic stripe card to Smart card. Our philosophy is to merge the industrial approach - high investment to deliver the top technological products - with the service business style – to react as fast as possible - to fulfill, at its best, all the clients needs.
Since 10 years our Company is working in the RFID world and we have established an internal division, AGJ RFID Division, fully dedicated to RFID: whatever would be your “smart requirement”, we will be at your disposal to find the best solution!


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Arti Grafiche Julia has recently celebrated its 50 years of activity. After a beginning dedicated to security printing, Arti Grafiche Julia decided in 2000 to engage in the RFD sector. From Monza’s Grand Prix in 2005 (the first Italian event using a contactless ticketing solution) to the next Football World Cup of Russia 2018, more than 120 million RFID tickets have left the premises of Trieste during the last 12 months to reach more than 40 Countries worldwide. Thanks to the “Internet of things”, Arti Grafiche Julia has created and provided a new kind of integrated solutions, offering an alliance between a physical media and a web platform or a dedicated Application. The development of the NFC technology has been fostered by the blooming of chip readers’ equipped smartphones, that allows a revolutionary way of interaction between material and digital, making the most of the collected big data and providing a new generation of communication instruments.







The laser engraving is an extremely flexible permanent marking system. It replaces more and more the other less efficient and more expensive marking systems like the pad, the hot stamping and the serigraphy.

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The basic components of an RFID system are the transponder  (also called “tag”) which is made by a tiny memory chip combined to a mini inlay and to read/write devices with their antennas.

The system can manage and verify la validity of the ticket and the identification data.

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